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Accidental flowering - short time - back to veg okay?

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Hi there, long time reader and first time poster - please be kind.


Well, I'm growing  2 Super Skunk and they're going very well (about 3 weeks old and on an 18/6 cycle) however I stupidly messed around with my timer and accidentally switched them into a flowering 12/12 cycle which I noticed this morning.


I cleaned/messed around in my grow space 3 days ago so the plants have only been in this 12/12 cycle for three days.


My question : Is it okay to switch them back to 18/6 or have I started a cycle which I must now stick to i.e. 12/12?


I've 'googled' this and have come across many 're-veg' articles however they've all been for plants which have been flowering for some time and have developed flowers or have spent a considerable time (certainly more than 3 days) in the flowering stage.


Any help would be greatly appreciated - perhaps I'm just panicking over nothing but I've never done this before.


Cheers and have a good day!

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Yeh I wouldn't be too worried at all switching back to 18/6.


Even if they had started to flower worst thing is they will take a week or so to reveg, in which they stop growing.


Cheers Frank.


Sound logic.

I wasn't sure if I had triggered some kind of 'irreversible hormone' but you're correct - the worst thing that could happen would be a period of reveg.

Subsequently, I placed the girls back in vege and, to be honest, they didn't skip a beat.

It's all a learning experience.

Thank you for the reply! 

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Welcome to OSA Pyappy :)


Yer they will be fine mate as said above. 


Upload some some pictures if you want, keen to see how they are going.


Thanks Dallas.


Mate I'm still coming to terms with how to navigate forums but when I do I'll include pictures - I've never been the greatest with technology!  :doh:


Albeit, they look very healthy and seem to be humming along quite nicely.



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