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Bigger sized drip trays and what to use?

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For my smaller pots I have the matching drip trays. But I bought some 40cm diameter fabric pots which don't have drip trays. I'd imagine these leak water given their design, so was wondering what others use to catch the excess water for a soil based grow when involving bigger pots, in a small grow tent 60x120x180??



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It was a genuine reply to your question 'what others use'.


It's fine if you don't like the suggestion.


If you were 'hoping' for outside the box suggestions maybe you should have specified that.


Good luck with the grow.

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I was put off by the price of the flood trays which is why I went the storage totes. I've got 3 x 100L ones for my recirc. One for each plant. With the larger capacity, can go longer between res changes and everything remains more stable in there.

Thanks mate.


It was that kind of Outside the Box ideas I was hoping for, rather than trays costing a few hundred $$$, or the other dumb response that was of no use whatsoever other than add to the number of posts he/ she has...

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