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Dr Doug

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Hihi.....the Flodders....they are sure very popular here in Holland. There's even a tv show with the Flodders where they have their weekly "adventures".

I found the first movie the best one but that's maybe a matter of taste.

Did you see it in an English version? I only know them Flodders speaking Dutch....and yeah..they can be very hilarious at times. B)

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Guest Urbanhog

Yeah, loved the Flodders No. 1 when they lived in the poor suburbs and moved into the rich's suburbs, that was a classic, they wanted to do some "council experiment" or something, I forgot, it was a classic, I haven't seen these movies for a while now, even they are on SBS usually at 1am in the mornings but I am usually at work B)


No.2 was Ok, it was about they went on a tour to USA.


Never heard of no.3, have to keep my eyes open for that one.


The No.1 and No.2 is often repeated on SBS channel on TV, it's in dutch with english captions, but the No.2 when they hopped off to USA, it's mix of English and Dutch, it was funny the part when one of the guys collected and stole all the petrol he could get his hands and saved all the petrol in a rainwater tank, and wanted to take back home to Holland, until someone reminded him how is he going to carry the rainwater tank full of petrol? B)


In the no.1, that was the best and a true classic, specially at the end when they had the party and the poshy neghourhood was invited to the party, that made me laugh my arse off like hell... :B): as their daughter is bit of a nympho sex addict, and there was a line of guys waiting taking turns at the party... heheh


I have seen some video stores have them on video in the forgein movies section, but hard to find.



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