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I have a problem

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So many things that it could be is overwhelming & I’m left baffled.
could be
Ph. (Fixed) past 24/48hr
Feed/under fed
Root rot pot bond
(forcing probe 4 ph reading is tough penetrating roots)? AM I ROOT BOND? Shouldn’t be 5gal smart pots successful few seasons ago.
At least this time no signs spider mites just a few springtails, which yellow sticky pads capture most.

Swapped out Viparspectra v600 for a sp1000 and they were loving it, 18/6 now at 19” or 47cm between light and top of plants
There under sp1000 & were thriving prior to this problem
My ph was high in spots peaking past 8 and slowly drop to high 7’s, however with Sulphur and liquid Sulphur I’ve managed to correct it to 6.8-7.5 in soil. Added nitrogen to soil & it was getting ½ nutes, hit with couple spoons cal/mag, Epsom salts yet still problems persist! Yet still has a drooping all over like overwatering but yellow started on lower fan and now is lining entire plant. Plant looks hungry but drooping leafs & at times crawling!!!
Co2 bag with goid ventilation, 24.5c @ 50%RH at canopy and
21/22c and 60%RH at soil.
Co2 bag is on ground with extraction fan above lights
Intake fan bring fresh air in at ground level. Going to start removing co2 bag at lights out.

So I stopped and watered every 2nd day but plant was still yellowing, drooping & crawling.

So I’m now flushed with natural 7 ph water from tap & spring water
After flush I ph my run off, dipped just a needles thickness towards 6, so I’m guessing it’s like 6.8 so run off from flush was fine, I’ll give it 3 days to dry out somewhat
And I’m thinking maybe another flush before starting back on gogo juice!!!

Do I reflush & hope she’s takes to feeding or cut loses and start again, idk.

Thoughts advice plz!!!
Pics are 10-12 days apart
Clearly you can see difference!
Special kush back left
Front right unknown strain, with some heat lamp burn, cause it’s directly under heat lamp. Only use when temp get really cold & it’s on 30 mins on/off timer.
Using same smart pots used last
time. Temps got cold few night back, temps haven’t fallen below 15-16 at lights out.

First thoughts, plan of attack was
(N) given nitrogen to topsoil
Ph (fixed over past 24/48hrs)
Overwatering addressed
Trace elements & cal/mag
Flushed neutral ph water
Tested run off metre barely moved off 7 maybe 6.8
Now what should I flush again?
awaiting digital ph pen & Ec reader Incase mines dodgy.
And I’ll lower light abit 19” to 14-15” maybe?
I just don’t know anymore...


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