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My plant is dying. First time grower. Please help.

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So I transplanted my plant into new soil and the leaves are drooping like crazy. I know it’s normal to go through a transplant shock. But it’s been 3 days since the transplant and it’s still drooling like crazy. I don’t want it to die.


I transplanted from coco husk to grow dirt.







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hey mate,I’ll try and help ya as much I can by some elimination,what is the weather like there?



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At this rate it's going to take a long time grow anything

The plant looks like it's searching for light,that's why it so small and skinny

What light is it.

Try moving it closer

Don't mean to be mean but what you are doing is a waste of time and energy



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No it’s not mean. I’m new I’m just trying to get any advice. I’ve still got other seeds I can start was just hoping there would be a way to save this one.


The light is a PL 4X55W running at 240v


This is the setup and temps.







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