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First time grow, stealth/micro grow box

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Hi all, new member here and fist time grower.


I've picked up a bedside cabinet to make it a stealth grow box in my room.


I've bought some osmacote seedling mix and 6x24w Philips cool white CFL bulbs and some festoon light fittings.


I have hollowed out the inside and plan to make an oven rack type system on the sides so I can move the lights up and down on racks.


I have some plywood that was a shelf in there and is the right width, would 6x24w CFL lamps produce too much heat to have then mounted close to the plywood shelf?


I was going to line the inside with a reflective car windscreen cover and mount the lights horizontally with a mirror above them, would an acrylic mirror melt from being mounted too close to 6 CFLs as well?


Im going to use some computer fans too, I was thinking I could use some kind of LED downlight power supply to power a couple of fans?


Just trying to keep things as inexpensive as possible at the moment but will be buying the same bulbs in warm white when it's time, will the seedling mix be ok without adding anything to it for the grow as it says it has nutrients for 3 months growing? Otherwise I've heard Seasol is good for them and Go Go Juice when they are budding. I'm pretty much limited to Bunnings for options if I need those or anything else.


I don't know much about growing but I have been reading up and watching videos on it for months so any advice or tips is very welcomed.



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Growing in something that small will be difficult. Those bulbs will veg ok in that space and if you have those fans pulling air in and pushing air out it might not get too hot.


Mirrors aren't the best idea. I would paint the inside with flat white ceiling paint, it works quite well and will absorb less heat then a windscreen cover.

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I've watched a lot of videos on micro grows in PC cases etc, this is a lot bigger but still pretty small compared to a cupboard. Something that big isn't an option unfortunately.


Do you mean the reflective windscreen covers will act like insulation and trap too much heat inside the cupboard?


Thanks for the advice.

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I read something like go 12/12 after its half the desired height?


I just have some random seeds from my last half and 1 seed that is 15 years old that likely won't sprout.


I'll be looking at getting some seeds from frosty flowers possibly for the next grow but I really don't know what I'm looking for, I was worried with auto it might grow too high if I can't bring it to flower when I wanted to.


@Naycha any idea how long it will take after paining to be safe to put some seedlings in it?

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