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Motor Vehicle Crashes Common Factor In Cannabis Death (Truth

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Hey all, 


About a week ago the Sydney Morning Herald published a scare article against cannabis. The article was entitled "Motor vehicle crashes common factor in cannabis deaths". The whole article had the tone of cannabis is bad and causes car crashes. 


It's really disappointing that the media does this so regularly. Expected, yes, but still disappointing. Any thoughts on how we can get the full context of information like this in front of the same audience? 


We wrote a rebuttal article to the SMH one called, "Vehicle Crashes, Cannabis and Alcohol". It has a lot more context than what was originally written and brings the cannabis v alcohol and driving conversation into a fuller light.


Any ideas on how to get this information out to the broader public? Is there already stuff out there like this? Any help would be appreciated.

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There was one in the Newcastle Herald were a bloke was bluing with his girlfriend lost control of the car hit a power pole and killed her 9 year old daughter. He was blood tested and cannabis was found in his blood system, suggesting it was used 4-6 hours before the crash. Now get this the"reading" was not high enough to establish that the mans driving would have been impaired at the time of the crash. This proves that they could set a level of impairment like they do with breath testing. He did plead guilty to dangerous driving and having an illicit drug in his system. So the law can set a figure on testing for impairment with cannabis. But the dogs choose not to. The article was on Friday May 15th.

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