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Australia Voted for Cannabis

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The result of the HEMP Party’s low budget campaign underscores the strong support for Cannabis law reform.

The Morrison Government must now understand that Australian Cannabis supporters have sent a clear message via the privacy of the polling booth.

Voters didn’t care much about the rosy spending and future proofing promises of the major parties nor the faces and rhetoric of the far right. An astonishing number of Australians chose to vote for Cannabis law reform as their number one most important single issue.

Hefty potential

With over 250,000 primary senate votes (1.7% nationally, excluding the ACT), the government should be under no illusion of the potential for HEMP to improve on those numbers next time from the millions of Australians who consume Cannabis regularly. More and more Australians now realise that Cannabis is much safer than ‘reefer madness’ propaganda would have us believe. 


The increased popularity of Cannabis and the total failure of successive governments to introduce meaningful adult use and medical regimes will certainly play an ever increasing role in future political discourse. The Netherlands, Canada and more American States will ensure the continuation of what is an expanding global debate.

Failing denial

The local media perpetuates confusion by reporting on countless positive cannabis stories from here and overseas, while also spreading local politicians’ ill informed 1930’s rhetoric from those who remain in denial that Cannabis prohibition has failed spectacularly.

Politicians, police, health officials and the media need to get real on the Cannabis situation in Australia. The younger generation of voters use the internet to learn about everything and Cannabis is no exception. There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence and California is just warming up with their regulated market.

Buds make big bucks

The HEMP Party will continue on in its course to influence the narrative involving Australians and their insatiable desire for Cannabis. An overwhelming majority of otherwise law abiding citizens prefer to consume Cannabis responsibly, more than any other illicit drug.

It is estimated that Australians spend well over $5 billion a year on Cannabis, that’s twice the size of the entire wine industry. Aussies consume more than 500kgs of Cannabis every day, that’s about 15 tonnes per month.


Defining medical access

The HEMP Party has been encouraged by the number of requests for media interviews, documentaries, social media groups, websites and assistance to high profile advocates that have emerged in the past 5 years in support of the medical uses of Cannabis.

Since the introduction of medical legislation over 2 years ago in Australia, it’s clear that the new laws have not provided a clear and detailed path for patients to access their medicine of choice and not available at a reasonable price. Black market trade has increased with the increased demand for the medical use of the herb.

Despite the often repeated sensational headline that ‘Medical Cannabis is now Legal in Australia’, HEMP questions this claim. We are yet to determine exactly what the government means when they talk about Cannabis for medical use.

The underlying facts remain

No government in the world has willingly introduced a meaningful medical cannabis regime. No government in the world owns ‘medical cannabis’, not coca leaves nor opium poppies, companies do.

United Nations Drug Treaties only allow for Governments to change laws that would allow companies to develop prescription, or pharmaceutical cannabinoid medicines.

The Australian Government and Australian Health Regulators have bent the rules by giving international legitimacy to foreign companies from countries that are technically operating outside international common practice.

The ‘regulated adult use of Cannabis’ legislation introduced in American States, Canada, Spain and other countries supersedes ‘medical cannabis’ regimes that rely on the same raw Cannabis.


Growing your own support

As the medical debate matures and the penny drops in Australia, more and more people will realise that we can’t have meaningful Cannabis law reform while police maintain and support the use of saliva testing for trace amounts rather than testing for driver impairment.

The horrors of a failed prohibition are many and varied, no honest person can simply say there’s no organised crime, corruption and a high level of deceit in Australia’s $5 billion plus black market for Cannabis.

Besides corruption at the highest levels, it could be strategies like sniffer dogs and saliva testing unfairly targeting Cannabis consumers that are influencing drug use trends towards hard drugs, chemicals, powders, pills and dangerous unregulated drugs that aren’t currently roadside tested, or substances that are expelled by the human body much quicker than Cannabis.

A few legal plants in your own backyard will certainly remain as a popular policy for the growing number of Australians who regularly consume Cannabis.

With love from HEMP
Australia Voted for Cannabis

The HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) Party received more Senate votes than ever before and more votes than most other minor parties.

Australians are clearly concerned about Cannabis prohibition and made it very clear at the ballot box.

We sat down with Michael Balderstone, HEMP Party President and Andrew Kavasilas, HEMP Party Secretary to chat about the Party’s success at the recent federal elections. Greendorphin.com



Australia Voted for Cannabis

The war on cannabis hardly got any mention leading up to the election, however it was surely on Australians' mind. The HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) received more Senate votes than ever before and more votes than most other minor parties. Australians are clearly concerned about cannabis prohibition and made it very clear at the ballot box. We sat down with Michael Balderstone, HEMP Party President and Andrew Kavasilas, Hemp Party Secretary to chat about the HEMP Party's success at the recent federal elections. Nimbin HEMP Embassy Australian HEMP Party HEMP Victoria HEMP New South Wales HEMP Queensland HEMP Western Australia HEMP Tasmania HEMP Northern Territory

Posted by Greendorphin.com on Thursday, 30 May 2019


National Vote

First preferences by Senate group – AEC Tally Room


Interim Measures on Cannabis for medical purposes in Australia


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