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help with newly germinated seed please!

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Hi, first time poster, so hello to all.

People call me Hazza, so nice to meet you all.

i have had a quick search online and on here and i do not seem to have this one figured out, so apologies if it has been discussed before.

So i decided to germinate 2 seeds both  on the 21/4/20. i put them in 2 cups of distilled water which i had around the 25 degrees celcius by using a heat mat. After 12 hours i transferred onto individual paper towels then made them moist then put in zip lock sandwich bags sitting on a plate and then in the dark with heat mat underneath plates to keep around the 26 degrees ( using Agrometer )

on the 22nd i noticed the tap roots so i transferred into 2 separate cups using coco peat. i did not add anything apart from water with a ph of around 6.2 and did not over water as i had made that mistake before. late on the 23rd the first one broke the soil soon followed a couple of hours later by the other seed.







not once was my coco too dry or too wet. in terms of lighting i put under 18 w fluorescent bought from a hydroponic shop and started with seedlings at least 30cm below the light. late on the 24th i could tell the seedlings were going to stretch so i brought them closer around 15cm put my hand underneath light and no heat. one is doing well the other has brown spots on tip that were there from the first day of germination.


is it a case of a bad seed, a fungus? i've always grown outdoors from seed and have never seen this before. is it the coco peat i used?

i did apply yesterday a minute amount of mycorrrhizae much less than 0.5 of a gram which i mixed in more than a litre of  water also added like 2 drops from a 10 ml syringe of silica and the same of rhizo. so less than .5ml per litre and no i didnt use any where near that amount of water. i used approx 2 ml per seedling to be sure they wouldn't dry out. one is doing fine i think ( the Church) the other (tahoe og kush) well see the pics has the brown spots . cujps are well ventilated with 5 holes on the bottom and la teast 6 along the sides

I'm careful to have clean hands prior to handling. so here are the pics. any help of where i went wrong would be greatly appreciated. This will be an indoor grow. I have success with clones but these were the first seeds i have grown in a few years.


should i have used canna coco professional instead maybe this brand i picked up from Bunnings? is it the culprit?


Regards Hazza



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welcome mate, they honestly don't look too bad, chill out don't overwater em they should come good in my opinion :D


Never seen that coco, but seeing as it is marketed as hydroponic grade I would assume it's good to go. 

Thanks Frank, just never seen those brown tips on a seedling before. So ill make sure they dont get overwatered and hope for the best.

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