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Rust spots on leaves

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I can see why you would think its a Micro Problem. I think it's more likely low on Potassium.

The reason I think it's potassium is because the of the Tips. I don't think that's Nutrient Burn at all, judging by the overall color of the Leaf

What medium are you using?

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Thanks for the reply Buzzo


I'm using Coco. That yellowing is only on a few of the top leaves that are closest to the light. I just raised up the light because I thought it might be light burn. The tip browning is pretty much over all across both plants. I dropped my feed pH to 5.6 last night to try and correct the possible manganese lockout.


I'm watering at 1.6 EC and 6.2ph before last night adjustment. I'm using biodiesel Green Diamond base nutes with the biodiesel flower stim. post-66460-158745210186_thumb.jpeg


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should I add a little potash?


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