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Strange Purple/Yellow and blotchy colourings

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I have to say its been a while since iv been on this forum, hope yall have been keeping well and safe and stoned. been growing ever since i did my first grow about 10 years ago (all my guidance came from the lads on here so hats off to all the regulars who have been guiding the younger generations for years). Iv probably grown 7 out of the last 10 seasons and had minimal issues apart from the regular ones. But this year got a few odd looking plants among the bunch and thought I would throw it on here to see if you guys can pin down some possible remedies for them.


Growing Medium: Soil and in Pots
Growing Style: normal
Watering/Feeding Frequency: every couple of days
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): recommended on Canna products (could be the issue)
PH Levels: all a little below 7
Temperature/Humidity Levels: outdoors so its been up and down but now mostly lower humidity and cooler temps
Growth Stage: last 4 weeks of flower I guess
Plants Age: Since November/December ?
Cannabis Strain: just some bagseed i found.


Iv been feeding them mildly maybe half the recommended amount on CANNA FLORES and then I switched to CANNA PK 13/14, feeding them pretty irregularly and watering the rest of the time.  just curious if iv over fed them, or using those canna products in soil has messed up the makeup of the soil.  Maybe I should of been using organic flowering nutes instead in the soil medium not quite sure. Buds are still nice and green and seem okay..


All the other plants (around 6 are nice and green)


Any ideas?




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Nothing to worry about, they are just pretty.


Just getting to the end of the cycle? I thought it might be that or just the cold weather making them use more phosphorous (is that a thing? haha)  Yeah I had one more that started out the same way and that thing is fried haha so i assumed id been over feeding. Il keep them going with good ol fashioned water.

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