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Harvest and flush questions .... again!

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Hey guys,


Another newbie question !!


I have just finished 2 weeks on Overdrive by advance nutrients. I am planning to flush tomorrow with A.N. flawless finish and leave it sitting for 6-8hours. Then Flush with water only after that time and continue on only water until the end


But when is the end? How close?


Growing in Canna terra soil, coco, and perlite mix. Canna bio nutes until the overdrive 2 weeks ago.


I'm thinking a 2 week flush because its soil but is the plant closer than that? I dont want to go too far and make for couch lock stone (i know that most is determined by strain).


Any advice appreciated. Pics in imgur link below.


Thanks !!!



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Back in the old days it was ready when the white hairs turned brown. Things have improved since then and we now look at the trichome colour to gauge maturity

The trichomes are the little blobs of resin in the clear stems

The trichomes start out crystal clear and as they mature the turn white and then eventually brown. But once you've flushed this process pretty much stops

Harvesting when clear to white will give you a heady stone and the more brown the heavier the stone and when fully amber it's more of a body stone, fully relaxing.

Me?, I like/need the full on body stone, so I want mine fully amber. This all depends on the stone you want, so it's really your choice when to go chop, chop.

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I would say 50/50 but i find it hard to tell.


I think i will flush with the flushing nutes today and continue with water for at least a week and monitor.


Id like this one to come out nice. My other few have been ok but not all that smooth and havent real nice aromas



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Like I said "Back in the old days it was ready when the white hairs turned brown." 

Once they turn brown, they shrivel up and disappear


If you leave her the bud swells as a new set of white hairs develop inside and burst forward.

What is happening is that she's is trying to attract pollen, when she can't find any she tries, tries and tries again. Each time she tries the bud swells internally.

I leave mine to go through this browning 3 times, this usually takes me to around 12 weeks of 12/12, then a 5 day flush.

The increase in maturity, aroma and taste is well worth the wait (and weight) IMO. Some others have given this 12wk of 12/12 a go and from all reports it was well worth it, with one saying he'll never do another 8week grow again.


If you haven't yet flushed, you could leave her to go through another browning. If you have flushed, don't bother as it takes more time for those nutes to again become available for her to use them.



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