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Temp/ humidity meter

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Cool thanks guys [emoji12]


I’ve got coolroom I’ve converted, got a charcoal filter and a fan. It’s nice and dark but I feel I need to leave the door open to suck in fresh air or it will get too humid.


So I’m thinking dehumidifier, fan, filter, keep the door shut???

What do you guys reckon??



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If it's hot outside an AC will probably serve you best . Dehumidifiers produce heaps of heat, so are not ideal. You're on the right track though. Test and respond.

Mate I’m south so it’s not hot, I feel it could be a bit warmer but yeah, they do create heat so door ajar might be the go.

It’s fuck all light really, I’m not worried about slightly ajar [emoji41]

Air con would be good but also the same issue as I’m not cutting the panels to put a reverse cycle in

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