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First grow outdoors Duckfoot and unknown sativa strain any tips?

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Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Growing Medium: Soil
Growing Style:
Watering/Feeding Frequency: Feed Feed Water, Feed Feed Water Dryout.
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): Unknown
Growth Stage: Flowering
Plants Age: 8+ Weeks
Cannabis Strain: Unknown Sativa and Duckfoot.



First time grower outdoors I got the strains which were clones of a friend who got them of a friend.

First looks like a sativa hybrid had issues with spider mites most the grow the other looks like a ducksfoot hybrid.

They both should be in flower or pre-flower.

The ducksfoot had a bit of an accident pallet fell over onto it breaking main stem has made a bit of a comeback.

Just wondering if anyone can tell me if there in flower and how much yield to expect?

Had to deal with mites the whole grow plus the few mishaps.

Any other info or advice is welcome.


Cheers in advance.





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Thanks mate,

Yeah the sativa did a bit of a stretch about a week or so ago then slowed down but still growing and has had more pistils popping up on the heads not a great deal though. The duck has less pistils on the heads than the sativa but its calyxs have visible trichs on them so would that mean its in flower?.

In regards to the mites I have had a look on google and tried a few things they just wont seem to stay dead lol put up another post about them on here and got some good ideas to try cheers.

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