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Help with spider mites and half of plant dying off! Ducksfoot stra

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Grow details as follows:

Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Growing Medium: Soil
Growing Style:?
Watering/Feeding Frequency: Feed and water every other day
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): Nil
PH Levels:Nil
Temperature/Humidity Levels:Nil
Air Flow/Fans etc.: Nil
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): Sun
Total Wattage:Nil
Growth Stage: First week or 2 of flowering
Plants Age: 8+ weeks
Cannabis Strain: Unknown and Ducksfoot cross


I will start with the spider mite issue first.


I have tried Homemade soap mix, Oil mix, Wettable sulphur miticide, tau fluvalinate ( Yates Mavrick) and a couple others which i will find the bottle and list.
I have had the best results with the soap mix which seems to rid them off the plants for a few days to a week.
Im just worried about the damage it may be doing to the plant with the constant cycle of sprays and once buds develop will the soap mix have any bad effects?
Would I be best to just keep the population low by misting them of the plant with just water once budding all the way to harvest or is there something available to rid them all together?

I will post up pictures of the plants and also a close up of the mites if anyone is able to identify what species I might have a better chance at treating them.









The second issue is with another plant a Ducksfoot cross.


The plant was flowering fine for a couple weeks then overnight one side of the plant looked like it was dying off all leaves dry and drooping.

It was a re veg plant that flowered early then started vegging again now has returned to flower.

I will post up a few pictures of it also.

I will have to post up picture later as this plant is at a friends.


Cheers in advance.

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Mites in webs. They have been there a while. 

This stuff will get rid of them. No piss farting around.




Not advised for use in flower: 

Lengthy pre harvest intervals may apply. 

PDF label


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Cheers everyone.

I was trying to stay away from the harsh chems but seems like it might be neccesary now the mites are bad the plants have only just come into flower so should be right with waiting periods.

I haven't gave the flour and water a go yet so might try that or the neem in the mean time.

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I was honestly thinking of giving fly spray a crack. The plants have already had a bit of a beating don't think it would hurt them. I have heard off people doing it in grow tents but being outside I think they would just be back in a day or so anyways so probably wouldn't be good for the plant in the long run if I had to do multiple times.

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