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Nimbin Bush weed photo with leaves curling up some of them?

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I ran out of supply and picked up some bush weed from Nimbin. I know where to get the best Bush Weed in town. I had some seed in the bud which seems common. I  planted 2 of them and chances are both are ladies, very sativa like the large girl is at 1.8m and in a 20L pot


Yellowing down low and also some fans at top curling as in photos







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could be rootbound being in a small pot mate 

Thanks GreeatSouthernMan, you could be correct mate, soil on top is spongy like there is a mass of roots, ,i had another photo in the 40L pot, it would have suited the larger Nimbin plant for sure.


Hey Smokey bro, Got a pic of those yellow leaves also, think there is more then 1 problem. Maybe a deficiency also, nitrogen maybe .. ? And some nute burn.


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Hey Kloud9, thanks mate, yes maybe more than one issue.  It did appear to worsen a little when i added some gogo juice ( really hasnt much NPK, and more a tonic though), she is out in the rain again, so hopefully she will be okay., just wished i had the 40L pot for her.  The leaves do go completely yellow and then die off, which is like N, Canna Bio Flores is NPKS (3161), do have power feed which i used early on the girls  (red bottle with highest N)..

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Sativa's don't like to much N 

Thanks Pedro De Pacas, for now water, rain on them atm. I am concerned now if pot bound, (that pot - white one - is about stuffed - could cut base, so plant can get into ground - soil nice and loamy?). Good all on low bloom nutes now Canna flores, so make sure i dont go giving her more N

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Yeah, letting it root in the ground is a great idea, seen some big plants in little pots that have rooted themselves in the ground


don't disturb it once its rooted to the ground tho

ThanksPedro either that or transplant into bigger pot, but letting it get into the ground should be less stressfull for the plant, i can cover her if it rains when she is in bloom

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It could be very much a Genetical problem. Im speculating the Nimbin you showed might have Vietnamese Ancestors. And i was imediately reminded of Pictures from 3 different Vietnamese Strains.

I show you two others Vietnamese Strains:



It might be hard to fight it if its Genetically.

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