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Gorilla Grow In FNQ Rainforest near beach

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Hi Guys I’m new here and was hoping for some help open to suggestions, I’m starting a Gorilla Grow once the rain season fucks off and we get some sun was going to ask ya’s what’s your opinion about growing near the Ocean in a tropical climate and what Strain & Soil would ya’s suggest I have a few Ideas but would like opinions from a third party cheers Boiis & smoke well



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Look for light mate. Rain forrest not much chop unchopped. Look for water source and where the sun will come up which can change allot over the seasons. Compare soils in different places and avoid clay. Ground or pots do both and see what works out better. Best soils should be near your creeks. For early start crank up a few under lights and wack them out to flower. Take pics and share like Ably Mangles.




Edit. Re Strains sativa hybrids thai/haze etc is what your after come march. Forget indicas as theyl flower to quickly without enough veg unless you veg them under lights first.

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