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Ph or can mag?

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Hey guys i hope all ie well.


This young lady has been in flower in soil for about 4 weeks.


I have been giving her half dose of seasol and 1 dose 10ml of bunnings PK solution .


This has been happening once a week..


The yellow leaves have only appears this week and every day are getting worse .


I checked the ph of the water . Which I have not been doing and it was 9.0 so adjusted to 6.4 and flushed a 20l bucket of soil with 20 litres of water . It also rained last night.


Do you think this was a ph lockout or maybe cal mag. As there is one leaf out of the lot that has white mottle look to it.


Will it be okay after my flush and rain or do I need to do something else?


Please also note I had already pulled 5 leaves off the day before these ones appeared.

And lastly this plant has always had red stems and been healthy throughout it's veg stage.


Thank you in advance guys . d6010d4ef44819c9134f101db3f7ff97.jpg1d498e3512dfe804a35a54daf3694193.jpg8079112a2b4908218d33f3b204473b48.jpg8c28af9dbeab244b48cc1ab6a684ac04.jpg


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It's hungry ,,give it something with decent NPK levels for food.


Right now a bit of N would help.

Thanks Sedge. Appreciate it. Would the red powerfeed be the easiest bunnings option for me for now ?


I take it my little bit of seasol and liquid potash isn't enough. I tried to play it safe as I keep having bad outcomes this is my.best effort so far. Haha


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