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Leaf Septoria Or?

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Outdoor 10 gal fabric pot

Probably started too early underestimating how monstrous she would get, pot is maxed with roots but trapped in a milk crate/chicken wire combo so re potting would be a pain

Organic Soil mix from Dr Greenthumbs 30L i believe

Water most days with Dr Greenthumbs Chlorine filter hose attachment

Occasional 9L watering can mixture of Seasol(normal +green/just starting on purple), Gogo Juice, Charlie carp

Once a week Root Roids now switching to Fruit Roids from Dr Greenthumbs and some kelp meal topdress etc pretty basic stuff trying to do more organic style coming off bottled nutrients in coco/perlite

Girl Scout Cookies


Problem started a couple of weeks ago with lower fan leaves, appears to be moving higher on plant mainly on bigger fan leaves








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Not really able to give a professional opinion here but it happened to my plants and I was told to repot up, that fixed it. Judging by the size of the pot to the size of the plant I'm guessing she'd be pretty rootbound by now but I'd feel funny about doing a repot at that size and stage, too.


Mine happened at a younger stage in growth, so I could repot her and let her go. She's green now and growing great. Will keep an eye on this to see the advice you get in case it happens again.19c9e65df4cf39342cad9bac6e295578.jpg

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You have a large plant in a small pot. From what you say your not over feeding. If anything I feel it looks hungry.

The leaves look like they have rust mould spots on them. How much air flow do you get around the plant?

Me personally I would be looking at repotting ASAP.

Pull some of the spotty fan leaves off and have a close look underneath for any signs of bugs but to me it looks like rust spots from the pics.



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Agree with Porky it is hungry.


Are you getting run off very quickly when you water it ?


Suggest finding an appropriately sized square saucer you can sit it in. Maybe 2-3 inches deep. That way run off can be caught and the plant can take from that prior to the next feed. You can easily monitor its requirements then by how quickly the saucer is depleted. Get some wheels on it to, makes it easier to wheel under cover when the weather is shit..

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