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Deficiency problems yellowing leaves black spots

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If it was my plant I’d treat it with a copper based fungicide. What’s your weather conditions like? That shit loves the wet and high humidity.


Can also lay dormant in the soil for years so I’d piss off that soil too when you finish. I’ve read that it’s wise not to grow in the same spot but that’s not always possible.


I had it on all my tomato plants it is treatable but u have to act fast.

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now that you mention it light rain and high humidity last couple of days and seems to coincide with the symptoms

will have to pick some up tomorrow, so long to go though and it seems to have spread quite a bit already which is concerning praying she pulls through

will definitely be canning the soil

put some of the initial dropped leaves in my worm bin thinking is was a deficiency, now i am concerned i have tainted it as well

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Didn't take a whole plant pic before I took all the suspect looking leaves off so probably not a going to help much now

Are the chances of disease increased if the plant has grown large and the pot is maxed out with roots

Should I be planting later so the pot isn't so full and has a bit of room to move

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