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Weak stems and lacking bud density and size

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Hey crew

I’ve been trialling a mates super skunk (pretty unknown but his been growing it a while and had some real good yields every time eg 5 pound off 6 plants and 4 600hps in 50 L pots) in coco DTW


I’ve got a small open area in my grow room 1.2x1.2 which I have 2 50L pots under a 600hps . Seemed to stretch a lot and had to re net twice - the issue is weak stems and the buds have almost stopped growing . I’m about 5 weeks into flower at the moment


Been using GRowth Technology nutes (silica and coco a And B bloom with biodiesel in flower )


In wa and had a real heatwave and my cool room shed got pretty warm for a week or so in the 35-40 degree mark :(


I have 2 other tents one of which has the same strain and that’s more compact (less stretch) and about 2 weeks behind the open area ....


Should I try using some hydrogen peroxide incase it got overwatered and has root rot ? Leaves not bad etc slightly yellowing - has heaps of dead leaves under neath but cleaned it up


Here’s some pics post-64125-157839055313_thumb.jpgpost-64125-157839059409_thumb.jpgpost-64125-157839063518_thumb.jpgpost-64125-157839066926_thumb.jpgpost-64125-15783907578_thumb.jpg


Here is the other tent approx 2 weeks behind



Another that has 30L pots with one of them at the back and an AK in the front left and a mates random clone to the right



Cheers like always for any advice



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whats that on the leaves in the 2nd pic?


any chance you got a light leak in the problem tent?

Hey billy

Ohhh that’s vermiculite with Californicus Predator mites (to kill spider mites ) I use a batch every grow as a precaution as I had them a year ago so I figure for $35 it’s a good preventative !


Possibly a tiny light leak from my clone tent but I only switched it on this last week mate



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Not a calcium deficiency??

shoukd I add some calmag or any other idea for calcium ?



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Still having issues - some buds are slightly hardened but most are really fluffy , the leaves aren’t too dry but definetly not moist so I don’t think it’s overwatering either

They are 8 weeks from light change and around 6 and a half from first pistils .

I gave them a good flush with ph6 water about 5 days ago.

Considering a few options

1. Let the coco dry out completely then try agin

2. Flush it this week and Just chop her down incase it’s root rot or anything due to the previous high temps and at least I can enjoy some of the effort I’ve put in for 3 months


Any advice crew ?




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