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Wondering how much higher I can expect these to grow as I don’t want them too high as it is a hidden crop, there in the ground with about 150 litres of prime organic soil but can root out into the other soil, feeding them a tiny bit of power feed they don’t need much because the soil is so rich, I have 4 and wondering how much taller I should expect them to get I can keep tipping them but don’t want to if they’ll stop growing once flowering already have tipped twice, and when does everyone’s plants usually flower on the eastern part of nsw, plants are at about 8 weeks old germinated first day of December they’re 5 foot tall




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Get ready for big bstrds


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I’ll obviously have to do something about hiding them a tad better if they grow really big, when does everyone’s usually start to flower just so I’m ready to use a flowering fertiliser I’ve only fed these twice and what does everyone use for fertiliser for flowering just want something simple that can be bought from Bunnings



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