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Super-Stunted Autos

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Hey Guys, 2 Auto Fem Mexican Airlines from Fast Buds. Around 5 & 6 weeks old now and looking like bonsai trees   :doh:

Bestva 1500W light in 3'x3' room. Started in Jiffy Pots then straight into water only soil blend in 5 Gal fabric pots, not overwatered, no additional nutrients.


Had a massive fungus gnat infestation about 3 or so weeks ago when they were very small & growing with some more mature plants. The gnats are all gone now. Used Neem Oil, Yellow sticky traps & Diatomaceous Earth then out of desperation, Pyrethrum spray.


I know it's too late for any sort of massive growth spurt but would appreciate ideas on how it may have happened.



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5L is too small for a living soil.


It looks far too dry, add mulch next time.

Thanks Billy, I meant to say 5 Gal, edited now.

I did have mulch but took it off during the gnat attack. I might put some lucerne hay back on tonight :)


From what I've read, Autos seem very unforgiving. If you have a hiccup early on in the grow there's just not enough time for the plant to recover.

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Just feed it and keep going now man. I want to do autos next year, but I'm worried I'll do the same thing. Maybe leave the light on more? Or less, whatever causes stretch in an auto?

100% agree Defs, I just finished a run where one did a similar thing (didn't even finish properly) Seems the first week is crucial to setting things up right because of the ticking time bomb that is Auto Flowers. They don't stop.

IMO The fungus gnats are what killed it this round. Poor little seedlings trying to battle those flying f*cks  :unknw:

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I'm looking to fill in the gaps between vegging photos and harvesting . As I said before, I rarely smoke the crap, but the wife spends a bit on the stuff, so some quick nugs might be the go.

Sounds like a good idea Defs, would be interested to see how ya go mate, I did ok from the ones that did grow better.

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