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Anyone grown/familiar with super auto's?


I spotted Barney's farm with two, which grow about a meter or so in height come harvest time.


Seedsman has a range of flash seeds' super autos as well.


I remember growing out the original lowryder 1, clocking 5 cm in height, wispy little thing. lol


Curious as to other members experiences with the "super" variety.

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Sent 14 November 2019 - 05:24 AM


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I looked up best super autos and they had Girl Scout cookies from fast buds in the top 10 as well as the fast buds gorilla glue. I have heard that some people are getting a pound off the gorilla glue outdoors.I am growing some gorilla glue from fast buds and did what I could to keep them as small as I could until they started budding because of my height restrictions. I grew the Girl Scout cookies auto and they are absolutely massive my tent is about 170 cm tall and they were growing along the ceiling of the tent and had to super crop some of them. I have heard people say that autos are not that strong but I can tell you those Girl Scout cookies from fast buds some of the Best pot that I have ever grown. In flavour and effect. With the Girl Scout cookies I did find that I had three or four plants that ended up being photoperiod instead of autos so I am not counting those ones. I have used three gorilla glue seeds this time round and all have been auto flowers. I have pictures of the gorilla glue on a grow diary I did called pineapple chunks and G cookie.
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