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Hy Gen peroxide 50g/L

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Hey crew - I posted this on my other topic regarding bio diesel so I apologise if it gets answered in that post but had no replies as yet !!!


Anyone used this brand peroxide to water plants to kill fungus gnats larvae ?

Not sure what ratio to use in a 10L can ! I’ve seen on the bottle but not sure if that dose would kill the larvae or not :)







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I use to use a brand called hysan at 50% not much is needed go by the lable


A word of warning use glove when using it WILL burn your skin and wear old clothing as well, but as said inyour other thread h2o2 will kill ALL good bactirea and can leave u open to issues with the nasty ones...

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I havent has gnats in a long time, i would use eco neem but dident use it if the plants where in flower.


I have used stuff call scarid 10 in past as well, only ever used it once and only used it because they where like the borg ya couldent stop em again not to be used wile in flower...

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I've got coco pots outside, and got millions of fungas gnats flying around, haven't had a problem as of yet 


when i last grew in dirt inside the stnuc were all thru them 



reckon they leave me coco pots alone outside, because there is lots of other shit they can lay eggs/larvae in, you can see them flying out of the ground/garden beds here


next time there a problem inside, i'm going to give them a pot of soil to play in, wet with lots of shit breaking down in it 

hopefully that will keep them out of me pot pots 


Nilnat or Tanlin (same thing) works supposedly 

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Good info in previous replies but I've just bought the one from the chemist. Can't remember the application rate but I put it in a spray spray container. The idea is to get the first inch of the medium only soaked so I guess if you go overboard no real harm done. When you do it, it's really satisfying as you can hear it eating up whatever is on top including the eggs. It then breaks down into oxygen and is OK for the plant. I think I let mine dry out a fair bit before going down the h2o2 path. But 1 week before flower I always give an eco neem drench just in case.



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