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Bio diesel and oxy plus

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Hi crew

I’m looking at using GT oxy plus next grow in my res as a mate swears by and thought I’d try it - question is I was also looking at trialling Sensi Pro Bio Diesel as I’ve also heard great things from people and this site alike , but would the OxyPlus kill the bio diesel ? I’m waiting on a reply from the Sensi website but thought some of the more technical or advanced horticulture experts on here might know!!?






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People use it as a source of O2 in their water, I prefer to use airstones


I had a Pythium problem and used it to sterilize my media and haven't used it since


To get the O2 benifits you would need to use it somewhat continuously, I haven't done that so can't comment


The other option is to use it to sterilize if you have a problem which is what I would personally do.


Biodiesel nute guide recommends using beneficial microbes so consider that using the oxy/h2o2 is going to kill any good critters be they natural or introduced when the H2 burns off


That's the way I understand it at least




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Bio diesel will make your nugs rock hard , harsh and you won't be able to tell the leaf from the calyxes


Imo pgrs , even ones derived from bat guano or alfalfa meal , have a massive negative effect on the quality of your smoke


Nowadays genetics of strains are good enough not to have to use pgrs to produce a thick dense bud


Can't stand when some one ruins a whole crop with that shit


Just my opinion and my 2 cents


Chuck the sensi bio diesel in the bin

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The fuck you on about?


Biodiesel has a complete line of nutes not just the guano based P component


And where the fuck do you get that it's a PGR?


The Biodiesel line is a mineral based organic nutrient designed by Seni for Australia's emerging medical cannabis industry.


Do you have detail of the so called PGR in it?


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