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Should We Hold A Charity Auction Poll? CLOSED.

Charity Auction No.1 First Ever OSA Coin.  

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Thought i would put up a poll to see what kind of interest there is in holding a auction for the first ever handmade OSA coin. Might even throw in some gold to :)



All proceeds will be donated to RedKite on behalf of OSA.



I spent months in and out of the royal children's hospital here in Melbourne with my daughter a few years back while she had treatment for nephrotic syndrome and seeing these kids suffering from cancer and their family's going through so much pain realy hit home and how lucky we are. Some family's cant afford to travel for treatment or they cant pay for rego or school fees bills,rent ect thats where RedKite comes in and helps, they do an awesome job.


So let me know and vote, Thanks :)




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