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Growing container

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Just about anything can be used to grow, most people will opt for a tent they come in many sizes, some will have an area in there house or garage that they will build into a room and use or the people that rent and have to keep it low down will fit out a wardrobe to grow in...

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well you got standard plastic pots & now days there are air pruning pots 


what makes air pruning pots a little better is the roots of a plant don't spin 

round & round the pot & possibly cause plant probs from being root bound 


air pruning pots like geopot or rocket pots stop this from happening by roots 

growing into the fabric & being air pruned as they get close to the outside air

& no soil , once air pruned the root stops growing & produces another root that 

does the same thing , so forth & so on , you don't get roots laying on top of each

other & laying in plant exudates  / plant juices 

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