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Hey guys,

I found a good spot to grow some outdoor plants this year but the soil is so rocky it isn’t worth the effort of amending so I’ve decided to use fabric grow bags with a quality potting mix. I’ll be aiming to see them every two weeks or so and getting water and soil to the location isn’t an issue. I’ve got some blue dream and green crack seedlings in veg indoors that are about 6 inches tall that I’ll be putting out mid September. I have a question, what will give a higher yield 20 plants in 50-100 litre grow bags vs say 10 plants in 150-200 litre grow bags? Or what is the recommended pot size to make the most out of the Aussie growing season in my guerilla grow situation?

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Grow less plants but bigger youll manage them all abit easier. What state are you in? In some states planting mature plants out mid september can cause early flowering.


Realistically what you yeild is determined by how much work you put in along the way. If your looking to throw plants out by november and your local areas flowering period dosent start till after feb, shit id be going for 100 -200 litre pots personally [emoji1690]


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The bigger the pot the better, back in the day i use cut the top 3rd off a wheelie bin off and use that in the back yard.


I would put a layer or gravel then a layer of compost then it would be a dead chook or some mullet or carp i would of caught fishing on a fishing trip then fill with compost and soil mix, this need to be done at least a month before planting to give it a chance to settle and the chook/fish to start to rot then plant.


The rotting matter tends to keep a lot of moisture but at the same time there will be an issue of all sorts of beasties that may come along and try and dig out the rotten matter so you may need to protect some way, in planting that way i could i could go for up to 2 weeks with going to water the plants.


IMO use plastic pots i dout that fabric pots will stand up the elements...

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I grew up in NSW but have been in Qld for 15 years, imo the to biggest diffs are humidity and the cold, where i grew up we got cold more than Qld and hot but a dry heat the humidity in Qld can be a bitch and depending how far up you are the wet season plays a big roll.


I in the south east Qld...

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See what soil you can get

close and locally

Around the creek might be A grade

easy, superior,  free


Searls will be fine

for getting up your seedlings

GCP grow bags

no edge moisture then bleeding


A layer between pot and ground

keeps the ants and termites down

Cover up your bags with hessian or the like

to add some stealth / stop roots gettin fried


Carefull laying tracks

to and fro the stream

No need offer cunce

an unnecessary glean


Pumps are real useful

12v is the go

Get into it take some pics

And share your guerilla grow

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I was aiming towards using fabric grow bags as opposed to using plastic grow bags because of the benefits of air pruning but I suppose in a bag that large the risk of going root bound isn’t that drastic and the plastic material would stop water from evaporating more compared to the fabric bags. Rather than using Searles potting mix would it be better for me to go down to my local landscape yard and get a Ute load of organic soil with no additives then mix in some amendments and hike the soil out to the grow in large sandbags? Anyone got any ideas for some simple amendments to add to the soil? I don’t want to go to overboard with spending so nothing like bat guano haha maybe a bit of organic slow release fertiliser from Bunnings would do the trick then liquid fertiliser every week or two.
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