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A little guidance would be appreciated

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Hi guys

1.2x1.2x2.0 growcell

4 x unknown

Searles premium pm 75%

Perlite 25%

Using a mix of Seasol,Powerfeed.

Havnt used nutes on em yet

They are under 6 x 24 watts cfls

4 inch exhaust,fans,and heater atm

I have made an enclosure 60x60 sq

To drop over babies and keep all light in

Is this a good idea or not


DAY 10 of veg


Any hints to improve grow


Cheers guys





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Welcome along Ossi,,


Can't see it hurting them unless it holds the heat in and they begin to cook ,,


The yellowing on your leaves means the plant wants some food,,


What have you got to feed them ?


Are you going to use a different light later ?

I thought the opposite mate with the burnt tips but one pic does show yellowing like they hungry.


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