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Humidifier vs vaporiser

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Hey guys,


Just curious - I live in SA and the air here is quite dry (not to mention very cold here) do you guys use a vaporiser or humidifier for your grow tent?

I had a vaporiser sitting in my cupboard so I've been using that but it's a constant battle to get the water out of the bottom of the tent. Are humidifiers any better?

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I lived in Adelaide, a much better climate for growing than where I am now.


I never bothered with the humidity in adelaide. It's a bit dry but if you ignore it the girls will do fine, growth might be slowed a little but overally it will work well.


I'm not sure what you mean by water in the bottom of the tent and vaporizers.

Hey Cooper,


A vaporiser basically steams the air into the tent, hence the water sitting on the floor. It's pretty cold in Adelaide at the moment so I wanted to give her a warmer environment.... You said you never bothered with the humidity, but what about the cold?

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