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Chillagoe Perlite

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75/25 mix perlite / vermiculite  $30 + ship https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/THG-Orchid-MEDIUM-Perlite-Vermiculite-POTTING-MAGIC-MIX-100L-Garden-Compost/183386983447?hash=item2ab2b74c17:g:wI8AAOSw-W5U0GI~ there's a pic to show you size 


50/50 mix perlite / vermiculite  $35 + ship http://www.gardensmartshop.com/category_s/1863.htm no pics 

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Thanks itchy. I'm not super keen on getting it delivered. I know ppl grow orchards etc but don't want to give anyone any reason to suspect. I'm inner city suburbia.

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Thanks. I'll pick up a bag and get a bag of verm too.

I normally end up with Chillago, big chunks are good. Though I'm not a perlite brand guy, I'll use whats on the shelf.

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