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Stop gnats in coco - pool filter sand ?

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Hey guys

Has anyone ever tried pool filter sand as a topping on coco to control fungus gnats ? I figured it would have good drainage and be quite coarse .. guessing more accessible and cheaper than diamateoucos earth etc ....




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Yes I have some from a old pool filter was going to maybe give it a go next time.



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Ok what do ya blokes recommend for some tnuc that has swarms of fucking Fungus Gnats


they been back for a month, me new garden beds are full of them already lol


there will be millions of them here soon


any suggestions

Yeah same, outdoors in the soil beds, i used king hit, dash of washing liquid, as i run out of soapnut, to help stick, dr greenrhumbs and neem oil, see what happens.., and I starting to notice really small grasshoppers, little fuckers cause they can get really hungry...


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