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Caravan grow

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Yes, an old fridge can be used BUT you NEED airflow. Most fridges are a sealed unit, ya close the door and its a recirculated closed circuit. So you need to make holes for adequate airflow for growing in. With the old fridge/freezer with the freezer on top there are vents from the cooler freezer compartment to the fridge compartment. Some fridges had a fan to ensure the flow of air, remembering hot air rises and cold air sinks, the fridges with the freezer on top had a natural flow of air, but the upside-down freezer on the bottom don't have that natural flow and need a fan for the exchange between the compartments. That fan could be used but needs to be run 24/7 to ensure adequate air exchange for growing.

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"It gets hot in there and The insulation traps the heat. It is recommended to remove insulation material, but that is a big messy job."


I used to make them for Kelvinator/Simpson/Westinghouse and they're full of spray foam as insulation and it's awful stuff to 'try' and remove.

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Hey guys.


Just got a caravan out the back and staying in it..lots of Nick's and backs and a big cupboard for maybe a grow...anyone ever had luck growing in a caravan or lil cupboard grow?


All help is much appreciated.


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Too easy mate.

My first grow was in a drobe.

You can theoretically grow in ANY space.


I don't know how successful they were, but I recall a thread of someone trying to do a "micro-grow" inside a computer tower. A bit silly in my personal opinion, but in theory it could work. It would be cheaper and less effort just to buy weed really. Some people just like to tinker and experiment though. If I could be arsed, I'd give it a go myself for shits n gigs. The return for time and effort is just not worth it for me though.


But I digress.


What size space are you looking at working with?

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