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Srange sprout


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:shock Hi all:

I sprouted an AK-47 and it came out with 3 round leaves then the first leaves was 3 allso What gives ???

It was about 1" tall in rockwell plug i put into grow rock in 5' basket and placed in bubbler with B C nutes at 1/4 strength, 2 days later leaves were dark green 1/3 from stem then light green next 1/3 then brownish to tip. I drained nutes and put fresh water with clearex in. Did i do right or what ?????



Will be waiting for replie while I :smoke



Thankx much.

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deformed plants sprout up like that all the time...sometimes it can be a great advantage to have as they have like 3x the foliage of other mullies about and they can grow much quicker and a bit more dense :thumbsup


the majority of the time though, they turn out to be hermi or male :thumbdown never know though, u might get lucky but im thinking that u have about a 95% chance of that seedling being male or hermi :thumbdown

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Yes, that's true. Whether the triple noded plants are actually more vigourous or able to produce more per plant than a "normal" opposite double noded plant is debateable, but they do pop up in seeds now and again. I have a Skunk x White widow mother plant which started out that way, and it turned out to be female after all....


Still, I would definitely concur on the hermi-male percentage, almost all of the plants I've grown which have this triple noding do turn out male, but that SK x WW was an exception to the rule. And just in case you're wondering, no, it wasn't an exceptional plant either, and it's flowering out its final days now. :peace:


Hope that helps.

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How many plants or strains? ::peace::


I've got Blue Widow, BlueWidow x WhiteWidow, (aka "pale blue widow", my own crossing), White Widow, dutch passion purple star, and a few unknown strains from the c-net challenge, (damn, gotta get that done one-a these days....) :shy:


Hope to add some others soon, but been buying too many orchids. :shy:


Just found that one of my Pale Blue Widow seedlings is a girl too, so it'll be making an appearance in the growroom soon I think. Can't wait. :P

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