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ok I have searched around the site for transplanting and couldnt really find much... Can someone tell me wheather I need to transplant these two trees? it will be outdoor, should I split them down the middle or what??? i have bug problems, around 2 leaves have been eaten... what shopuld I do for that also?

can someone please let me know what I should do ??

thanks a lot.


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They look like their roots would be entagled so if you try and pull them apart they will have to recover from that. You might be able to wash the dirt off them but then you are going to have a hard time replanting them so the roots aren't all bunched together.


You could leave them together and watch them closely in case one of them is male.


They need a bigger pot i would say but you will have a have a fiddley job seperating them.


Repotting MJ is pretty much the same as any other plant, put your hand over the top of the pot turn it upside down being careful not to break anything, put it in a bigger pot or the ground with some good potting mix, cover it over but don't cover the stem and give it a good drink.


Next time pot them in their own pots.

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thanks for that info - seeings as tho this is first grow i now no for future not two put to in a small pot like this. anyway how long do you think until i can determine wether there female or male, i frigen hope there female haha. what product should i feed them after transplanting ? i heard sometihng like thrive or like that is good??? thanks for helping us out.
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I don't know about thrive or osmocote or any of that stuff, in my deep dark memory i think i remember someone using purple nutricote but i wouldn't recommend it without knowing what's in it. Go with natural fertilisers (you know they are safe) and i love Seasol, alot of people swear by charlie carp or fish emulsion. As i said, go natural and Seasol is great.


Don't over do it though, with fertiliser a little is a lot. Go by the directions and be careful not to get nasty stuff like rose fertilisers (some fertilisers are not made for plants that are going to be consumed, whether smoked or eaten, be careful).


You will have to wait untill they are a bit bigger to sex them but you should be able to sex them before next winter (which is when they will head), have a look around here, there are 2 threads with good pics for sexing plants, i just don't know where they are off the top of my head.


Also when you repot/replant, use a good potting mix, that soil you have there looks a bit solid.

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Iam also a fan of seasol. its good stuff

BUT- Seasol is a dynamic growth stimulant and plant tonic, it is not by definition a fertiliser.


PowerFeed is a sister product to Seasol and is a highly refined liquid fertiliser formulated specifically for the home garden market.


whatever you use, make sure you only use weak amounts.

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Guest Growmad

I found the same there Ferengi, Seasol isn't really a full fledged fertilizer, but is probably great for some plants but just not MJ. I had some good results with Thrive (Yates product available at most supermarkets and nursery), but just be careful as it is very strong fert, and will burn the plants if you use too much. Best to start on a 1/4 strength with this one and work the plants up to full strength over time (feeding only once a week with ferts and fresh ph balanced water in between).


Manutec Bloom Booster is great too for plants in flower and is perfect for soil grows. I also achieved great results with this product too, but really have nothing to compare it to personally as i only ever did 2 soil grows.


Is the soil there in the pot hard, or is it just dry? It's hard to tell from the pic, but it might be an idea to add some perlite or the likes to help 'air' the soil a touch.


Also, put some gravel or stones at the bottom of the pots to allow better drainage as well, this will also help the plants out majorly.


Hope that helps ya a bit mate...

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ok heres the go.. im thinking about just adding more soil and upgrading to a pot say 3 times that size in case I have to move them. Does this sound alright and do you think just go into the ground. I will go to the nursey and grab some:



larger pot

and what sort of a bug protecter should I get and you just sprinkle the shit around the edges of the pot?


Will do the transplant this weekend

by the way how much will I be looking at ?



p.s check closely and u wil see the holes from the bastards in one leaf. and might be abl to see leaves half bitten off ...


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That looks like a different pot from your first pic.


OK, prepare the soil for the transplant, pick some good potting mix, mix in the perlite, put some coarse gravel or clay balls in the bottom for drainage, put some potting mix in, sit the plant in and fill around it. Give it a drink to settle the plant and soil.


If you want to put it in another pot to keep it mobile, go big. At least 30cm's in diameter but bigger if you can. As a rule of thumb, what you see above the ground, there will be roughly the same underground.


As far as pests go, it depends, anything could hit it. I used neem oil, it's natural but the smell of it makes me sick to the stomach. If you get into more powerful stuff it can affect you. Someone else should be able to give a bit more help on this.

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Yeah neem is good stuff I use it also.

Its smells like peanuts to me.


dipel is a good product for catapillars.


Pots well try and get a big square selfwaterer if you can. Square pots fit more soil in to them.

And the self waterer is a safety device if you forget to water them or they need more water before you water them next.


Other than that follow what pickle says. :thumbsup :thumbsup

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