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If I was in N.S.W I'd consider moving right now, warant-less searc

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Old berk berk won the state election.

Watch out for Nazi like laws coming your way soon.

They are already rolling it out in certain catchments already and it will be going nation wide soon.


If you have been convicted of any drug offence in the last 10 years, they (police, law) have the right to search you, you car/house/whatever whenever they feel like it, just cause, without a warrant.


Have fun with that shit who ever voted for the Libtards.

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lol love it when the leftards have a sook 


i'm still a British subject as far as i'm concerned, none of this shit would go on if we all were 


who the fuck were the DC's that voted Gough and pisshead Bob in , probably the mums and dads of the dickheads that voted in ruddy ruddster and the lying thieving bitch 

you stnuc are to blame, fucking dickheads 

there ya go lol

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I find it a bit weird the way " Nazi" is thrown around by leftards, what the fuck is wrong with you people, apart from the fact the Nazi's were leftards 

unless they are German and its  WW2 the're not fucking Nazi's, the're just stnuc of things that are pollies 


it would make more sense to call you leftards Nazi's, Juliar Gillard could be a commie mole and a Nazi bitch 

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