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Feedback on medical cannabis seeds. Import or Domestic





Was not sure really what thread to post this in. Please advise if better suited elsewhere. My question is mainly about cannabis seeds ( mainly of the types listed for medical purposes ) .

It is easy to find huge amounts of websites that claim* they ship seeds worldwide including Australia. Many of them have an option called " Stealth or Super Stealth " or something like that. They state most cases delivery assured. Stealth to my basic understanding is , the hide the seeds inside another item. I am not aware of the stealth methods used , never done it. 


I see this website has an ad for https://www.seedsman.com/en/ . At a glance at thier shipping policy it says " We take great care to ship orders in a discreet way.

The majority of our seeds are sent in their original breeders packaging. They are then wrapped up and placed in small cardboard boxes, DVD cases or other products before being placed in bubble wrap envelopes.

This ensures that they arrive with you protected and in perfect condition."


The website looks good in terms of product to me. But with the number of places to get seed from and so-called stealth etc. My questions come down to, how common is it that seeds pass Australian customs and arrive at your door, with no problems.


The answer to this seems varied from looking around. I have tried to import rare seeds from Japan for Bonsai and got caught twice and the third time a big warning letter do it again we will see you in court and fine threats of $250,000


I never imported seed again. I would have thought that perhaps that many people in Auz that have imported good seed, might have then got seed from their grown and created more of a seed market here in Auz, thus not having to rely on import so much. 

I have seen some sites that claim to be Australian and sell medical seeds, yet when you try and purchase you get re-directed to the offshore site.


I just by chance found this site http://cannabis-seeds-australia.com/autoflowering-seeds/  and funny enough it states 


Notice how NSW is not listed.

Then I have seen this site that claims " Australia's legit seed bank with domestic shipping"https://www.australianseedbank.com/qa/


So in a nut shell , what people's thoughts on getting good seed domestically online or imported. Lastly if u have imported and been caught, how was that adventure? 


Cheers !!

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Honestly man, if you are worried about importing seeds internationally I'd just stick with domestic.

Only difference is that local seeds usually stock less than those overseas. But you get the perks of fast delivery (3-5 days) instead of 2 or more weeks.

I've seen many people in here vouch for seedsmans delivery with no problems at all.


That site you posted doesnt sound too trustworthy. For domestic I'd choose Caveman Seeds, there are a few more but I can't think of them off the top of my head. Others feel free to chime in.


Remember, seeds are legal to purchase for souvenir purposes only. You'll be fine, worst thing that'll happen ordering internationally is a seizure notice from customs and no further action.


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Ive used msnl several times over the last 5 to 6 years never had a problem always got the delivery always on time and got heaps of free beans. I found this site early this year and everyone on here said seedsman were good so i ordered of them same as msnl prompt delivery and lots of freebies. A mate of mine swears by attitude seeds also. Thought ide try aussie so did an order with caveman seeds on Thursday night seeds were about the same price as msnl and seedsman. Got free delivery from caveman cause i spent over $100 with tracking but no free seeds which i am a little disappointed about. People on here like yantra but im not going to use a company who wants my details before they even let me browse there site. My caveman seeds should be here on Tuesday. I researched the breeders they sell and they seem to have some good grows on YouTube and good reviews. There's my 2 cents. [emoji106]


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