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Blueberry (pheonix seeds) critical mass cbd (pheonix seeds) outdoor gr

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Hey guys and gals, excited to get another grow going this year, had 2 yrs off n itching to get back at it. Trying somthing new this year, i germed my seeds about 5 days ago. My plan is to start these girls early under a 110w cfl untill the daylight hours get longer. Going 5 of each but only picking the best 4. Il use a couple to check sun strength before i transfer outdoors to determine whether they need full shade or not to begin with.


A question i have is whats the minimum amount of light hrs i can give the girls in the tent before theyl go to flower? I figure as long as its under what the hrs will be outside when i plan to move them out there i sld be fine. But is it 12 exactly or under? I plan to put them out on the 27 of aug, with a day length period of 12hrs 16mins. So i plan on keeping girls under the lights at 12hrs 10mins. Will this be low enough to induce flower? Or is it 12 or under exactly? They are fem seeds and i dont want plants going through stress of flowering then re vegging.


Any thoughts welcome. Peace

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