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I finally got three strains from yantra and thought id try a late season grow . I bought blueberry, sunset sherbet and was given trainwreck to try as a frebee. I had an accident with the sherbet and lost the lot, but the blueberry and trainwreck all sprouted and now they are just about done. The blueberry is stunning, the buds are huge , loaded with crystals and smell like blueberry pie. The train wreck has tight fat buds , smells like lemon menthol. I also found an amino vitamin liquid from bunnings for 20 dollars that really works fast, its called eco-aminogro. All and all im impressed with yanta there seeds are just as they say.
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I had to travel south for a couple of weeks and had a friend look after them. Before i left they all had spouted and had their second set of leaves. I told her not to over water and even wrote up a huge sign to say dont over water and to add my weak nutrients that were already mixed and weighed. But when i came back the coco and peat and perlite was nearly covered in moss from being constantly wet , she thought that if she watered twice a day the plants would grow faster. So no matter what you tell people they will always think that too much kindness is a good thing. I had been waiting forever to gat my hands on sunset sherbet, i was devistated.
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