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Newbie with around 750 dollar lighting budget

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I go by the KISS philosophy -  Keep it simple stupid, be safe and get a basic 400w/600w HPS cooltube system nothing too fancy, just the basics so you don't over complicate things.


These are just some examples from my local hydro store.

Magnetic Ballast  - http://www.growroom.com.au/shop/lighting/light-kits/600watt-aircool-kit/

Digital Ballast - http://www.growroom.com.au/shop/lighting/light-kits/600watt-lumatek-aircool-kit/


get a good can fan + filter and your good to go 

Can fan + Filter combo - http://www.growroom.com.au/shop/environmetal-control/filters-kits/cann-100mm-filter-kit/

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I agree with the guys... hps with a digital ballast is the best/cheapest setup for a novice grower... cant stress digital ballast enough though. The older style magnectic ballasts literally eat power [emoji23][emoji23]

nanolux are a great brand, cheap reliable and come with a 3 yr warrnty. A 600w you could get away with an open reflector, but if you went with a 1000w id get an xl cool hood and fans for it to.


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