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Will this soil mix be ok

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Hi All

I need help as i have only grown DWC, and have decided to try soil in my tent. I would like some input on this mix Please.


seedling mix


mushroom compost


peat moss




Blood and bone


Clay balls


Is there anything i will need to add to this to help the mix





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Personally I’m not a fan of perlite or clay balls. Maybe swap it out for pumice or scoria a bit more porous and better for aeration. Generally I mix 1/3 of each so 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss (remember to pre soak this before adding to mix or it may become hydrophobic), 1/3 aeration ie pumice/scoria


Additionals I add in personally - some neem tree granules, kelp/seaweed ground up (usually can buy this as a horse feed), basalt rock dust or glacial rock dust, blood and bone, Dolomite lime usually that’s what I go with top with some earth worm castings and bobs your uncle - straight water feeds all you need till flower

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ok cool mate 

not sure that it's that much less work considering you most likely veg longer 

as far as day to day stuff go's , yeah it's prob less work , not that i've ever grown hydro to really know 


larger volumes of living soil & cover cropping can help with water only feeds , still needs a bit of work at the front end 

to get the biology happening , using blumats can also help 


plenty of good people on here that are happy to help so ask away 


good luck with it mate & i wish you well with ya projects 

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you can do both top dress or add as part of a soil mix 


if you use castings as a top dress add a good layer of mulch to keep the castings moist 


keep in mind if you add a few worms & keep them fed via that mulch layer 

they will multiply & make castings in the pot , feed the pot not the plant , as they say 

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