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Where to buy from in Melbourne

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Check out grow diarys, read, decide on your best option. Buy what you need to grow, order some seeds and get growing. 

If you have a few hundred $$ up your sleeve you can be growing indoors within a month and expect meds in about 3 months time.


All the info is here. We will help you, but you need to take the first steps and hava good read. Only you can decide on the best set up for you and what will work in with your lifestyle.

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Could you please point me to a thread that will help me to grow my own


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Righto, first thing ya need to do is read a gardening book, its just a plant, keep it simple, you don't need half the shit some on here use

decide how you want to grow, soil or hydro, inside or outside, no point outside now in VIC


get some seeds, start growing, its very easy, you probably don't need much, one reasonable plant would do

the problem is, which strain, best to grow a few different verity's till you know what works the best for you 


good luck 

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