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Possible turning of plant?

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Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor 1x1x2 tent
Growing Medium: Rockwool
Growing Style: Freeballing
Watering/Feeding Frequency: Daily 1.5l
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC):
PH Levels:5.8-6.2
Temperature/Humidity Levels:20-24 over night, 26-30 during day
Air Flow/Fans etc.: 1 oscillating fan pointed away from plants for circulation, filter fan 150mm
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): veged with cfl, now using hps 600w
Total Wattage:600w
Growth Stage: flowering 5 week
Plants Age:13 weeks
Cannabis Strain: Church OG, Dream OG


Hey guys, 1st grow and have had a few hiccups, as posted earlier this month/last month i had a ph issue now have noticed a few pods growing on a couple of stems on each of my plants and believe its turning.

have just got home on break and havnt had much time with them over the last month. any advice is much appreciated




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Thanks for the quick response Pedro. when i went so see if i could separate those 2 weird looking pods the top one seemed to be attached to the bottom one but fell off as i was inspecting. here's a few more pics seems to be on a few more stems also. just the way canna grows? what are those pods? thanks for any feedback, really new and keen to learn anything i can along the ways.


on a side note does anyone have any good resources or a grow time-lapse of hermies?


Edit: wow sorry about the sideways photos. keeps rotating them when i upload








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