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Problems ! Please help

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This is my first grow and for the most part I'm doing it solo ! I have run in to am issue with my super skunk ! The leaves are clawing downwards and 2 bottom leaves on the outer edges ha e gone brown , I'm thinking this may be nute burn , the only problem is my soil plant is fine , I have adjusted my temps dropping it to 29 a, my pH was at 7 after the trans plant so I have used some white vinegear to bring my soils pH down to 6 at least the nutrient water level , I also gave her a drink of seasol for the nitregon boost and have abstained from my nutes for a week to try and bring the plants back they where no where near dead but 1 brown leaf is a mistake I want my girls to be beautiful , I do have a theory as to what happened i was running late for slavery duties and I watered with the last of my nute mix which I am assuming is the cause for the nute builled up , I have attached a picture below tyi jyk also one more question. Should one trim off the first sets of shade leaves post-58834-152598370712_thumb.jpeg


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In my experience clawing down can be too much N or even in cases too much water. I’m not sure why you used vinegar as to change your ph as from reading its not advised. Anyway I would give her just normal water for next feedings till she comes right and let her dry up a bit. The drier the better I find it’s easier to water her if she’s too dry then to try dry her if she’s too wet. As for trimming the first shade leaves that’s up to you. I personally would leave them though as I find if the leaf is dying the plant generally eats all it can from it before dropping it but that’s just me



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