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ey, just wondering i wanna grow but its not possible for me to grow at home. I got some seedlings coming up and i was wondering would it be ok to put them into pots and leave them in the backyard of an abandoned place neer me? or should i put it inside someone elses back fence? or maybe even in a park or something like an allyway? is there anyone who can help me? i live in the suburbs.


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consider that most plants will grow between 6 and 18 feet high and sometimes just as wide....


also have to consider how many plants u want to grow, the security of the location + a whole load of other things that u can read up about on these forums :thumbsup


i know what its like being in your position...in the suburbs the only way u are ever going to get a harvest is by either finding a grow spot in the bush or buy yourself a hydro setup...


i know u said u cant grow at home but whats the reason behind that?

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Yep, Be johnny pot seed.Plant a lot of plants all over the burbs,Dont spend alot of time doing it.Get in get out.got any old ladys around, stick some plants in the background plants of her garden.go back b4 frost and see if she grew u anything nice,just plant it everywhere you can and dont go back....been there done that,had a ten footer over my neighbors sewer tank and it was the bomb.Just be careful and do it by yourself.you will be surprised what you can get away with.I planted ten or more right on the edge of the highway this year and did not lose one plant.grow on young man...You dont have to grow ten footers to have good smoke.ten 1/4oz plants r nice 4 free


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