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Opinions on this bud i bought (mouldy bud) (not sure where to post thi

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Hey guys, plants are still many weeks off so bought my usual 2 oz for the week off my very last decent contact and it turned out to be very discoloured. Couldn't get a refund so i got it exchanged but the stuff i got back isn't much better, there is specs of yellow fuzz in certain areas which i believe is mould and just a slight white powdery substance with dark discolouration which almost looks like rot.


Unfortunately this supplier is all i have left and has heaps of this stuff so is there any way i can try and clean off the mould?

It's either this for $270 an oz or $320 an oz of shit bush 


Pls see photos for reference  



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Shit i thought i smoked a lot at an oz a week[emoji23][emoji23] but yeah looks like powdery mildew mate i definitely wouldnt be smoking it...


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I want to know how the hell anyone can afford to smoke 2 ounces a week..2.5 ounces a month and i still freak over the cost...


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