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Mother Plants?

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Howdy Folks, I just thought we might start a discussion on Mother plants and what the best methods might be for their survival. I have a couple of photo-period plants that have just popped up. They are Mekong High and feminized and i would really like to keep them growing but being a photo-period plant and being this time of year i would assume that they will probably grow to 6 inches high and start throwing out small buds. If i keep picking the buds off will they keep growing or am i wasting my time?

It would be great to get them up to 1 meter or so and give me a heap of clones for next year ( later this year).

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Have a great day Y'all.


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I went a long time with the fluros that are about 4 foot long. That's grow fluros ,not the normal household ones.

two or three tubes will give enough enough coverage to get plenty of cuttings. And they only use about 40 watts each by memory.

thx SE. I was thinking about a smaller tent for 2 mother plants but hadn’t done the reading yet. Thx :)
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