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Here's a newish kid on the block that has me watering at the mouth.

I'd love to grow this out especially for concentrates, the yield would be tremendous.


Any one here had any experience with this lovely lady?

I need to find the best source of seeds before jumping in as alot like to pump out variations of the new best thing.

What do you guys think of this girl and her resin producing capabilities?




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It does look interesting. Any idea of it's make up, and hat sort of aroma/s and flavour/s does it produce?

It's a cross of the infamous Girl scout cookie cut and Cherry Pie - I think it was also known as pink cookies.

It's a super fruity taste with a hard good stone.


It's on my list for sure!

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Never seen anything like it. It’s like it’s been dipped in icing sugar. Needs a triche shaver and collect them all and drop into vape. Done and yum. Nightly night.



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Very very nice looking trichomes .Mmmmm



Kloud 9 [emoji106]

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pink cookies sounds and look freakin amazing, lol i want some, im smokin girl scout cookies atm and its a REALLY nice strain im thoroughly enjoying it so pink cookies should AMAZING, good luck with growing them il be following along to see how you go with these, cheers,,GQ

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Awesome man! I haven't tried the orig GSC id love to! Is it a decent yielder or more a boutique strain??

I haven't actually got the wedding cake beans in my hands just yet, as soon as they do i shall be doing a grow diary for sure!

I love my frostiness and i haven't seen much that rivals This!

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