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Guano in coco

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Hello fellow Oz Stoners.... I grow in coco..... I use Grorite and Budrite. During flower the additives used are Monsta Bud and Add Bud, my own bloom booster.

In the past I have used Natures Own Bloom Guano throughout the whole grow.

Q. Would it really matter if I dropped the guano? What benefit does guano provide?

So many opinions. I'm confused.

Thanks fellow Oz Stoners. Your input to this forum is so vey valuable.

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It's good to add in soil for a natural boost but not coco as there's no soil to retain and use it. Coco needs correct nutrient dosages that help uptake to the plant in specialized dosages. Feedings should be pretty regular and methodical to limit nutrient burns or lock outs.
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What sort of guano do u have

I’ve used many times in the past but sources can be scarce, there’s a lot of products out there that say they contain guano but don’t specify what type, bird guano doesn’t mean bat guano n bat guano is the only stuff to use if u go down that avenue

I can’t remember the name of the product we used but had to order it from the states

I not sure if u could use guano n coco by itself, u would need to supply nitrogen etc

On the other hand I could probably use worm casting coco n perlite n use a guano tea during flower

Be careful it can be a dangerous product, if memory serves me correct it was also avail from Indonesia but was taken off the market after it was found to have been contaminated

When I was able to get it if all things were even they usually were bumper crops

A lots of farmers use it to produce what they consider a superior product

Hope that clears it up a bit for u




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Thanks Micmac. Do you reckon bat guano can influence the taste of buds.

I use Natures Own Bat Guano. It's a local product sold by many hydro stores.

I've always used it in coco.....I might drop it in the next grow. I really don't know what it's meant to do. The only reason I use it is because it was recommended by my hydro guy. It costs about $80 per 5 litres.

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all inputs impact the plant in one way or another ,


if you had 2 clones from the same mum & grew them in the same methodology 

but grew one in land & grew the other on the coast , end result is 2 very diff looking plants

with a slight diff in all the above , terpenes and cannabinoids due to environment & indigenous microorganisms

you'll get the same with 2 diff lights indoor or 2 diff growers indoors , all impacts the plant to a greater or lesser extent 

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